Glow in the dark products made in South Africa



Gives a glittering sparkle in normal light and has a white glow under UV light.

Medium-set Hair Gel and is also safe on clothes.


Available in 100ml, 300ml, 1 litre, 5 litre & 20 litre units.

Gold   Silver      White   Red   Blue   Green    

 Purple    Mixed


Discount Pack:

UV Glitter Hair Gel Pack : 4 x 100ml (Gold Silver Red Blue): R199


We also sell Industrial and Cosmetic Glitter Powder


Glitter powder is available in 20 gram and larger containers. 

Normal cheap glitter is not cosmetic nor solvent resistant. Many of the colourants in low cost arts and crafts glitters contain harmful and cancer causing chemicals. 

  • Our cosmetic glitters are produced in the Netherlands and each batch we buy is tested and certified cosmetic quality.
  • Our Industrial Glitter is solvent resistant. The most common applications for this include use in plastics such as shampoo bottles.

So if you need cheap glitter for a school project just buy it from your local arts and craft store. If you want to put it onto your skin or incorporate it into products (such a plastic moulds) then our products will be of interest to you. 


Glitter powder is not currently available in our on-line ordering system so please contact us: